Giving Users Access to Your Content

In Articulate Online, you choose how your users access your content. This tutorial shows a few ways to do it. You can:

  • Send users a link to your content.
  • Place a launch button on your website.
  • Give your users access to all their content in one place by activating the Articulate Online user portal.

Using a Link or a Launch Button

If you’d like to give users access to their content via a link, or if you’d like users to be able to launch content via your website, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Content tab in Articulate Online and then choose your course.
  2. Click Invite.
  3. Here you have three options: //Link directly to this content – This field provides a link, which you can copy and paste into an email that you compose yourself and send to whomever you choose.
    • Email invitations to view this content – Click Create Invitation to choose this option. Articulate Online will email a link to the recipients you select. You’ll be able to choose recipients from among the groups or individuals you’ve already added as users, or add guests by entering them in the Guestsfield. The email message will say: {Recipient}, To view {Content Name}, go here: {link}. Sincerely, {Your Name}. If you choose this option, you’ll get a chance to add some custom text to the email message – anything you enter will appear in a new paragraph after the salutation in the email. Click Send Invite to trigger Articulate Online to send the email.
    • Create launch button for your web page – Choose this if you’d like to insert a launch button for your course on your web page. Articulate Online will open a window where you can choose the button color, the button label, the browser controls, and whether the user can resize the window in which the content displays. The html code that Articulate Online generates for you can be given to your website administrator to include on your web page. Right-click in the code window to select the code, and select Copy  to copy it to your clipboard. clipboard.

Keep in mind that if you’ve set your content to Private, the only users who will able to view your content are those for whom you’ve given permission. Find out more about permissions here.

Enabling the User Portal

Another way of providing access to your content is by enabling Articulate Online’s user portal. Any users you’ve added to Articulate Online can be invited to the portal. When you give users the URL of your Articulate Online account, they’ll see a prompt where they enter their login credentials. Once they do, they can see all private content which you’ve given them permission to view. You can also choose to show public items to your users as well. Here’s how to enable the user portal:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Choose User Portal Settings.
  3. Mark Enable User Portal.
  4. Several portal-related options will appear. Customize these according to your needs; then click Save.

If you chose to email users their login and password info at the time you added them to Articulate Online, they’ll already have your account URL, which is what they’ll use to access the portal. If you didn’t send an automatically generated email with their login credentials, or if any users have lost the initial email, you’ll need to send them the URL manually.

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