User Portal Overview

The Articulate Online User Portal lets your private users securely log into a personalised training site to access all content items that have been assigned to them.

User Portal

Using the User Portal

Learners access the User Portal by visiting your site's URL. This is the same URL you use to login to your account as an administrator or publisher.

Learners can perform the following tasks in the User Portal, depending on the settings enabled by site administrators (see the next section for details):

  • See a list of all content items they have permission to access
  • Launch any content item in the portal
  • See a status of each content item (not viewed, percentage complete, or quiz score)
  • View the history of each content item, including date/time accessed, status, score, and duration
  • Click the score for a content item to view a detailed report with the learner's responses
  • Export history data (CSV, PDF, or XML)
  • Sort the content list by title or status
  • Assign tags to each content item for easier grouping and accessibility
  • Change their email addresses and passwords
Enabling the User Portal

Administrators can set the following User Portal options:

User Portal Settings

  • Enable User Portal - Mark this box to let private users log into your User Portal.
  • Show public content items - Mark this box to include public content items in the User Portal. If you uncheck it, learners will only see private content items that you've granted them permission to view.
  • Show user history reports - Mark this box to let learners run reports on their content items.
  • Show tags - Mark this box to display tags you've assigned to content items, so learners can filter their content list.
  • Hide change email and password options in user portal - Mark this box, if you'd prefer not to give learners the option to change their email addresses and passwords.
  • Title - Enter the title you want learners to see when they log into your User Portal.
  • Message - Enter instructions or a message for learners. They'll see it when they log into your User Portal.
  • Preview User Portal - Click this link to preview your User Portal as learners will see it. (You must first Save any changes you've made before you preview.)
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