Setting Up and Using a Guestbook

Articulate Online offers a Guestbook feature, which allows you to collect whatever data you want about the users who view your content. Once you set up a Guestbook for a particular content item, users who access that content will see a Guestbook page in which they will enter the informations you requested before they view your course. 

If your content is public, a Guestbook is a handy way to collect information about the people who view your content. A Guestbook can also be used for private users, if you’d like to collect specific user data that isn’t already part of your users’ profiles. (Learn more about public and private users here.)

Here’s how to set up Guestbook fields for any content item you’ve uploaded to Articulate Online:

  1. In Articulate Online, select the content item for which you want to create a Guestbook.
  2. Click the Guestbook tab.
  3. Click the Change button on right right-hand side of the screen.
  4. Select the items you want to include as Guestbook fields, and for each one, indicate whether it's Optional or Required.
  5. If you change your mind about any of the fields you’ve selected, just select the field again and choose Don’t Ask.
  6. If you want to collect some information that's not in the list, click Add Custom Field at the bottom. In the window that pops up, enter some text for the custom field you want to create, and click Save. (Note: When you create a custom field, it defaults to Optional, but you can make it Required by selecting the custom field you’ve created and choosing Required.)

    Keep in mind that if you do create a custom field that you plan to use for other content items as well, be sure to type it the same way for each content item's Guestbook. Otherwise, when you report on the data, it will look confusing because it will be treated as two separate fields.
  7. In the text area below the list of fields, you can customize the instructions your users see on the guestbook, if you like.
  8. When you’re finished, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Now, when learners view that content item, they’ll see a page similar to the one below, where they enter their information and click Continue. (Note that if you chose to include Email as one of your Guestbook fields, when private users view your content, the email field will be completed for them automatically.)

Where Is Guestbook Data Used?

You can report on the Guestbook data you collect by going to the Reports tab and choosing the Guestbook Responses report. When you do that, you’ll see data for the five most common fields that administrators typically like to include (email, first name, last name, job title, and company).

If you didn’t include these items in your Guestbook, or if you made any of them optional, some cells might be blank.

To see any additional items you’ve included in your Guestbook, you can export your data to CSV or XML format. The output will contain all the data collected:

You can also include Guestbook data in any custom reports you create. And, if you’ve specified in your Articulate Online settings that you want to Include full user profile data in exported CSV and XML reports (as shown in the screen below), then any reports you export will include data from  the standard Guestbook fields. Custom fields, however, are not included in the export.

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