How to Silently Install Articulate Replay

Here's how to perform a silent or unattended installation of Articulate Replay:

Create a response file

First, create a response file. The response file tells the installer what actions to take for user prompts.

  1. Launch a command prompt window.
  2. At the command prompt, type the following:

    "<path>\replay.exe" -r -f1"<path>\response.iss"

    Note: There's no space between -f1 and the quotation mark.
  3. When the installer launches, follow the prompts to install Replay.

The response.iss file contains all the options you selected during installation. Now you're ready to silently install Replay.

Note: If you use the optional skipruntimes flag during installation, you'll need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 separately.

Silently install Replay
  1. Copy the installer and the response file to the machine where you want to install Replay.
  2. Launch a command prompt window.
  3. At the command prompt, type the following:

    "<path>\replay.exe" -s -f1"<path>\response.iss" -sms

    Note: There's no space between the -f1 and the quotation mark.
Additional Options

Automatically populate the serial number:

You can automatically populate the Replay serial number on the client computer, so it won’t have to be manually entered later during activation. To do so, set the following registry key.


Disable the "Check for updates" feature:

By default, Replay automatically checks for updates at startup, but you can turn this feature off. Just add the following registry key. (Replace X with the minor update version number. For example, 0 stands for the original release, 1 for Update 1, 2 for Update 2, etc.)


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