Uploading a SCORM File in Docebo

SCORM is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based LMS. It defines the communication between client content and a host system, called a run-time environment. SCORM also defines how content is packaged into a transferable ZIP file, called a “Package Interchange Format.”

Your Docebo LMS is compatible with SCORM versions 1.2 and 2004 3rd Edition.

Access the Admin Menu by scrolling your mouse over the gears icon in the left sidebar. Then, in the E-Learning section, select the Courses item. To upload a SCORM package in Docebo, select a previously created course from the list of courses on the Main Courses page. Make sure you are subscribed to the course as a Superadmin or Instructor.

Press the menu icon in the course’s row, then select Training Material from the dropdown menu.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 5.18.46 PM

Once you have opened the Training Materials page, select the ADD TRAINING MATERIAL button, then select SCORM from the dropdown menu.


On the following page, select UPLOAD FILE to choose the SCORM file from your computer.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 5.21.50 PM

You can also set and modify the launch modality of the learning object.

If you usually run this course on your computer, you can choose any of the following settings:

  • In line opens the object inside the player
  • Lightbox opens the object inside a Lightbox
  • New window opens the object in a new window or new tab in your browser (depending on your browser settings).
  •  Fullscreen

If you plan to also run this object with a tablet device or smartphone using Docebo’s Mobile App, you can also choose how users will view the material.

Please note that in order for the SCORM objects to play correctly on your mobile devices, they should be produced and exported with the latest version of the authoring tool you’re using. This is to avoid display errors or glitches related to unpatched versions of the tool.

Once the object has been uploaded, confirm by selecting SAVE CHANGES.

If the file format is correct, the SCORM object will be uploaded as new course material, and a message will be displayed on the top left of the page.

The SCORM package object is now course content, and is ready to be displayed.

Please remember that:

  • The learning object must be exported as a zip package
  • The file size must not exceed 800MB
  • The SCORM package does not accept the following file extensions: ‘pl’, ‘rb’, ‘aspx’, ‘py’, ‘jsp’, ‘asp’, ‘aspx’, ‘shtml’, ‘sh’, ‘cgi’, ‘php’, ‘ph3’, ‘php4’, ‘php5’, ‘phps’, ‘htaccess’
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