Bulk import users into Articulate Online

To import a bulk list of users to your account, do the following:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Go to People -> Add users -> Import users from a file.SNAG-1821.png
  3. Download the ao-import.csv file.
  4. Fill in the columns that correspond with the field names in the heading row. Enter one user per row. Be sure to leave the heading row (email, password, etc.) intact.
  5. Email and Password fields are required; other fields are optional.
  6. You may add a user to multiple groups by entering a group name in each group column. Groups that don't already exist will be created at import.
  7. Use Excel's Find feature to search for and delete all commas in your data.
  8. Save your file. Excel will ask you if you want to keep format as .CSV. Always select Yes.
  9. If any of your users already exist in Articulate Online, be sure to refer to this article before uploading.
  10. Upload your file.

Please also see the online tutorial Bulk Importing Users

For troubleshooting issues with bulk import, see Why can't I bulk import users into Articulate Online?

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