Bulk import fails in Articulate Online

For various reasons, a CSV file might fail to import correctly into Articulate Online. Below are some of the reasons a CSV might fail to import correctly into Articulate Online:

The number of columns in a row is greater than number of column headers.

A field exceeds the maximum character limit. Here are the fields with character limits:

  • First Name/Last Name: 70 characters
  • Phone/Fax/Cell: 20 characters
  • Address Line 1/Address Line 2: 100 characters
  • City/State/Country: 100 characters
  • Postal Code: 20 characters

If any of the rows in your spreadsheet contain extra commas (such as an address field that contains a comma), it will fail to import into Articulate Online. To correct the issue, use Excel’s Find feature to search for and delete all commas in your data:

  • In Excel, go to Edit > Find.
  • Select the Replace tab.
  • Enter a comma in the Find what field.
  • Leave the Replace with field empty.
  • Select Replace All.

Duplicate email addresses exist in the imported CSV.

  • A CSV of users can fail to import correctly if the imported CSV contains duplicate email addresses.
  • To correct the issue, delete any duplicate email addresses from the CSV.

Invalid Password. Password must contain at least 4 characters.

  • Each email address in the CSV must have a password specified in the CSV that consists of at least 4 characters.

Invalid Email address.

  • You can only import email addresses (whether real or fake) that conform to the standard format:

List separator value set to semicolon (;) instead of comma (,)

  • Articulate Online only supports comma-separated lists for bulk import
  • Non-U.S. versions of Excel may save .CSV as semi-colon separated instead of comma-separated
  • Typically impacts users in European countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and others
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