Creating Additional User Fields

The standard personal information file for each user includes the following fields: User ID, Name, Surname and E-mail. Often the company needs to increase the information for a user profile by creating user additional fields.

To create user additional fields, log into your platform as the Superadmin. Then access the Admin Menu by scrolling your mouse over the gears icon in the left sidebar. In the E-Learning Section, press the Users item.

You will then be redirected to the main User management page, where you will see an action bar at the top of the page. Press the Additional Fields button in the action bar.

user Additional fields

In order to create a new field, expand the Add dropdown menu at the top of the page, then choose the kind of field that you’re wanting to create. You can choose between the following:

  • Fiscal Code. This field checks if  the code is properly formed.
  • Country. This field provides a predefined list of countries.
  • Date. This field provides a calendar.
  • Dropdown Field
  • Free Text Field
  • Upload File
  • Yes/No Field

Now, select the Create button. Give a name and assign a language to each field, then flag whether the field is mandatory for users to fill out, or if it is Invisible to the user.

user Additional fields New field

Press Save Changes to finish creating the field. When you’re finished, check the Final Outcome.

user Additional fields user profile

If an additional field was created after importing your users, the field will automatically be assigned to the master data file present in the platform. However, in order to update this content, you need to import a new .CSV data file for the new field, or you must create a request that prompts users to fill out the new field (if marked as required). You can do so from the Advanced Settings menu (Admin Menu, Advanced Settings).

Then, in the Users tab, select the check box that prompts the user to fill in the new mandatory field.

user Additional fields Users policy

How to Customize the Additional Fields Visibility 

This feature is available only for Docebo 6.5 or higher.

You can assign different fields for each branch of the organizational chart in order to optimize the users’ details related to different companies, countries, offices, or any other sorting category that you may use to classify your learners.

After creating the list of your additional fields, you can choose which ones to assign to a specific branch of the organizational chart. To enable this option, select the Admin button, and choose Advanced settings. Then, reach the Users tab.

Now, in the first section (Options), flag the option to apply additional fields visibility based on organization chart nodes.

user Additional fields Advanced settings - Users

Now you can start customizing the fields for each branch. Select the folder you want to manage, then choose Set additional fields visibility from the menu.

user Additional fields Set visibility

The platform will display the list of all of the additional fields available. Flag which ones you want to assign to the branch, then press Confirm.

user Additional fields Fields visibility

Now, these new user additional fields are only available for the users assigned to this branch. Repeat the operation for each branch of the organizational chart as desired.

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