Working with the Admin Dashboard in Docebo

A dashboard is a simple panel tool that allows you to manage your Docebo platform’s most common actions and provides you with a preview of student activities and course statistics.

How to Access the Dashboard

To display the dashboard, log into your LMS as the Superadmin. Scroll your mouse over the Gears icon on the left Sidebar, then select Dashboard from the E-Learning section.

Dashboard admin menu

How to Manage the Action Bar

In the action bar at the top of the page, you can click the buttons to redirect to quick tutorials on how to perform common actions in your platform. You will find:

User Personal Summary

To display the information of a user. In the search bar on the top of this page, type in the username or name of the student you wish to view. You can switch through each tab to view different information about the user, such as external training activity, subscribed courses and learning plans, etc.

Dashboard user summary

Change Password

To quickly change the password of a user. In the pop up box, type in the user information, as well as the new password. When you’re finished, press Save Changes.

Dashboard change password

New User

To create a new user on the system. In the pop up box, completely fill out each text box and drop down menu in both tabs. In the second tab, Branches, you can assign this new user a a specific branch within your LMS. When you’re finished, press Save changes.

Dashboard new user

Enroll Users

To enroll a user into a course. Begin in the first page of the pop up box, where you need to select the users, branches, or groups that you wish to enroll to courses. Then, press the Next button. You then need to flag in which courses you want to enroll the selected users. If you select any Webinar or ILT Classroom sessions, you will also need to select the session dates for each course. Then, press Next. Finally, select which level these users will be inside the courses from the corresponding dropdown menu. When you’re finished, press Confirm. Then users are now enrolled in the courses.

Dashboard enroll users

Import Users

To import multiple users through a .CSV file import. Please refer to this manual to learn more about importing users into your Docebo LMS via CSV.

New Course

To quickly create a new course. In the pop up box, give a title the the new course, then flag whether the course is an E-Learning, Webinar, or ILT Classroom course. Then, choose or upload a thumbnail for the course. Finally, add a description (mandatory) and a course code. When finished, press Confirm.

dashboard new course

Reports and Alerts

Below the action bar on the main Dashboard page, there’s a section dedicated to Reports and Alerts in your LMS. At the top of this section, you can filter which reports and alerts you see by entering a specific time frame into the text boxes or flagging one of the date range options:

dashboard filter

You can also run one of the reports that you’ve already created. Choose your report from the dropdown menu, then select if you want to view the report (the magnifying class icon) or download the report (arrow icon). You can download the report as XLS, CSV, or HTML.

dashboard Reports and alerts

Recent Activities

This block allows you to monitor user access and course completion. By scrolling over the chart, you will see the colors of the line and the number of users at each peek.

dashboard Recent activities

Course and Students Status

This module contains charts showing the total percentages of all users and courses. These percentages refer to your entire user database and all of the courses in the platform.

dashboard course and student status

Most Popular, Most Completed and Least Completed Courses

You can find three different blocks showing courses with the following statistics:

  • Highest numbers of subscribed users.
  • Highest percentage of completion.
  • Lowest percentage of completion.

Courses with Waiting Users

In this block, you can see which courses have waiting users, and how many users are waiting. If you click on the title of the course, you will be redirected to that course’s main Waiting List page, where you can approve or reject the waiting users.

dashboard courses with waiting users

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