Uploading Tin Can (xAPI) files

The xAPI (formerly Tin Can API) API is an E-learning software specification. This type of software allows learning content and learning systems to speak to each other in a way that records all types of learning experiences, which are then recorded in a Learning Record Store (LRS). An LRS can exist within traditional Learning Management Systems, or on their own.

Docebo supports the Tin Can Standard 1.0.

How to Use xAPI with your Docebo LMS

To upload an xAPI (formerly Tin Can API) package in your Docebo LMS, begin by logging into your platform as the Superadmin or as an Instructor.

From the Admin menu (the gears icon in the left sidebar), find the Courses item in the E-Learning section. Once you’ve pressed the Courses item, you will be redirected to the main Courses page, where you will see the list of courses in your LMS on the bottom half of the page.

Find the course for which you would like to upload to the package, then press the menu icon in the course’s row. From the drop down menu, select the Training Materialsitem.

On the Training Materials page for this course, select the ADD TRAINING MATERIAL button on the right side of the page to upload content. Then, from the dropdown menu, select TIN CAN.

Select Xapi Tin Can package

On the next page, you will see two tabs: Tin Can and Additional Info. In the Tin Can tab, select BROWSE to choose the xAPI (Tin Can API) file from your computer. Then, while the file is uploading, move to the Additional Info tab to fill out a short description for your file and select a thumbnail. You can change the learning object’s title or thumbnail later, as desired.

tin can

Please remember that an xAPI (Tin Can) learning object must be imported as a zip package, and it cannot exceed 800MB.

When you’re finished, press SAVE CHANGES. If the file format is correct, the xAPI package will be uploaded as course material, and a message will be displayed on the top left of your screen.

Operation completed

The package is now course content, and is ready to be played. Once the object has been uploaded you can manage the additional settings. Click on the menu icon in the content’s row, then select Settings.

Xapi Tin Can settings

This panel allows you to decide:

  • If the Learning Object is visible or hidden
  • The publishing timeframe
  • How long the users are able to see the Learning Object (not completed/passed, infinite times or just one time)
  • If this Learning Object is an End Object marker. If it is, when the user completes it, the course will be considered completed.

If you usually run this course on your computer, you can choose any of the following settings:

  • In line opens the object inside the player.
  • Light box opens the object inside a Light box.
  • New window opens the object in a new window or new tab in your browser (depending on your browser settings).
  • Full screen.


Please Note: If you want to track your xAPI (Tin Can) package remotely, you need to upload the package directly into your LMS. Your Docebo LMS does not support completely anonymous tracking. If you are wanting to send xAPI (Tin Can) statements to our platform, you can do so using the following link format:


While you are able to upload xAPI (Tin Can) packages directly into the Central Learning Object Repository (CLOR), we suggest you upload them directly into a course. You can push them into the CLOR after uploading them into the course if desired.

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