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Docebo allows you to manage the training material view, providing three different views: the Player view (bowser mode), Player view (preview next mode) and the List view.

Let’s see the difference between these two settings.

Player view (browser mode)

The player view is the default setting of the platform. It shows the list of the training material in the black strip under the player.

Player view

Player view (preview next mode)

This is a quick way to navigate through the course content. The system will only show one object at a time; each subsequent object will appear once the previous one has been completed.

This feature is available only for Docebo 6.6.1 or higher.

Player view

List view

This view shows a list of all the training material, including a thumbnail and description for each object on the list.

This feature is available only for Docebo 6.5 or higher.

List viewBoth options allow the user to have a folder view, shown by clicking on the play button on the sidebar.

player view - folder

How to manage the Training Material View

In order to choose a view option, access the Branding and look & feel area from the Admin button, then choose the Course player tab.

Training Material View

The default setting is the Player view (browser mode), but you can switch to the other views anytime.

When you switch to the List view, all the courses in the platform will change their settings except the ones you have managed by a specific course player option within the settings of the course.

It is possible to apply a generic setting through the Branding and look & feel area, and then customize the training material view for specific courses by going to the course advanced settings – Course player tab.

Let’s see how.

Access the course you want to manage and then choose the Settings tab from the Manage course menu.

Course settings

Choose the Player tab and enable the custom training material view by selecting the related checkbox.

Remember to save the action by clicking on SAVE CHANGES.

Course player


Now you can start adding or editing training material, and showing it in a list view.

How to manage the list view

In order to optimize the list, it is recommended that you add a specific thumbnail and description for each element you want to show in your course.

Once you have uploaded your content, choose the related option from the training material list, select the Additional information tab, and:

– Write a short description for your training resource;

– Choose a thumbnail from the preloaded ones or upload a customized image;


Additional information tab


You can also get to this page by selecting the Edit icon from the learning object menu.

Edit object

Once you have updated all the training material information, you can see below the final outcome:

List view

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