AMP - Navigating the Library

The library is where you browse content items and mark favorites. The library builds up over time—when you launch a course, it gets added to your library.

Browsing Through Your Library

The dots at the bottom of your library indicate how many pages of content items you have. Swipe left and right to browse through your library. 

Tip: The bold dot tells you which page you're on.

Opening and Closing Content Information Cards

Each thumbnail image represents a content item. Tap a thumbnail to open its information card. Tap anywhere outside the information card to close it.

Use content information cards to:

  • See the title, description, author, website, duration, and version
  • Launch courses
  • Download courses for offline viewing
  • Mark favorites

Marking Favorites

Content items in your Articulate Mobile Player library are sorted by the date/time they were first launched in reverse order—so the newest course is listed first. If you have an extensive library of courses, you might find it helpful to mark some of them as favorites, so they're easier to find.

To mark an item as a favorite, tap its thumbnail to reveal its information card, then tap the star icon. It'll turn yellow. To remove an item from your favorites, tap the star icon again to clear it.

Browse your favorites by tapping the Favorites tab at the top of your library.

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