How do I move from the Legacy Video Maker to Vyond Studio or vice versa?

Vyond offers two different video making experiences noted below: 
  • Legacy Video Maker: Flash-based video creation platform. 
  • Vyond Studio: HTML5 video creation platform. Contains an additional animation style: Contemporary.
Videos created in Legacy Video Maker may get copied over to Vyond Studio. Click here to learn more about moving videos from Legacy into Vyond Studio. On the other hand, videos created in Studio cannot be transferred or moved back into the Legacy Video Maker.
Please see the image below that shows where you can change your experience, by selecting the option in the settings drop-down menu in the top right corner of the "Your Videos" page:
Going from Vyond Studio to the Legacy Video Maker:
Going from the Legacy Video Maker to Vyond Studio:

Interested in changing the default experience upon logging into Vyond? Click here to learn more.
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