How do seats or licenses work in Vyond Professional?

Vyond Professional is a multi-seat subscription plan - it is suitable for teams that develop content and videos together as it includes collaboration features. Subscribers that are part of the same Professional plan may share imported assets and videos with one another.

Vyond Professional is priced per license (also known as a seat). Administrators may add seats as needed at any time. Any additional seats are co-termed to the existing subscription cycle.


Each member occupying a seat is an active member. One of the seats will have the role of Team Admin - the default Team Admin is normally the account where the first subscription or seat was purchased. You may have one or more Admins in a team. The Admin is an active member that has administrative permissions to add/remove seats, invite members to join, pause/un-pause members, and many other account options.


Admins may pause and un-pause members to optimally fill seats. Admins may opt to pause a member that’s not actively contributing on their account and invite other people to occupy those inactive seats. 


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