How do I change credit card, email, or billing information?

1) Log in to Vyond Studio and click the account dropdown tab (the initial or letter may look different).


2) Select Account Settings.


3) Select a tab and make changes to the account. Save any changes before navigating away from the page.

Please note: these tabs will vary depending on the permission level for the account. For example, Admins may have the ability to invite others to join the account, or a page to set up password & security standards, while regular accounts look like the screenshot below.


The following items are available in these sections:

  • Update, change, or modify subscription level, as well as credit card information
  • Add or change logo (legacy video maker only as of May 7, 2018)
  • Add, update, or change display name, profile picture, company name, role, and number of employees
  • Change password (if Single-Sign On is not enabled)
  • Add or modify password or security standards
  • Change email (if Single-Sign On is not enabled)
  • Modify newsletter subscription settings with subscribe or unsubscribe
  • Change the default experience of Vyond Studio (HTML5-based) or Legacy Video Maker (Flash-based)
  • Find transactions and billing records

Click here for more information about payment methods.

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