How do I update an existing video I copied from Legacy to Vyond Studio?

Video copying from the Legacy Video Maker into Vyond Studio is available. Videos copied into Vyond Studio may be incomplete and be missing assets, props, or other items after the copy process is finished. Please preview all copied videos before downloading them.

Select Additional Options on the video listing page of the Legacy Video Maker and select Create a Copy in Vyond Studio. It may take a moment to complete this process depending on the length and complexity of the video.


Follow these steps to enter Vyond Studio from the Legacy Video Maker once the copy is processed.

If there are missing items in a video, a message may appear in Vyond Studio upon first accessing the video:


Here is a list including, but not limited to, items that may not transfer into Vyond Studio successfully:

  • PowerPoint assets
  • Uploaded videos (including MP4)
  • Visual effects, including curved motion paths
  • Retired content
  • Some chart animations (such as calendar, cinematic bar chart)
  • Expired music (licensing issue)

If an asset is missing, a box with an "X" will appear like the image below, and can be replaced by selecting the box and adding an existing asset within Vyond Studio.


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