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Q: My experience in the platform is different. Can I still use the legacy video maker?

A: Yes. You are able to use both video makers for some time. 

Q: Can I edit videos created with the legacy video maker in the new video maker?

A: No. Videos created with either video maker can only be edited in the video maker in which they were created. The new video maker is not backward compatible with the legacy.

Q: Are there any usability improvements?

A: Yes. We’ve improved preview speed, expanded available keyboard shortcuts, introduced a new right-click menu, and simplified the editing workspace.

Q: How do I make suggestions or give feedback?

A: Use the Feedback button that can be found in the upper right corner of the platform. It looks something like this:


Q: Can I import SWF files into the the platform?

A: No. The SWF file format is not compatible with the new video maker and will be replaced by SVG in the future. We are working on alternatives to support vector files, and will provide more information when it becomes available. In addition, PPTX files cannot be imported to the new video maker at this time.

 Q: Does the platform have keyboard shortcuts?

A: Yes. You can find all the available shortcuts in this article: Keyboard Shortcuts

Please stayed tuned, as this article will be updated with additional visuals while our engineering team continues to update the platform.

Q: Which browsers are supported?

A: The new video maker will only be supported in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. It will not be supported in Internet Explorer.

Microsoft is focused on their Edge browser and will halt future development of Internet Explorer. We'll continue to support Internet Explorer for our legacy video maker until Microsoft stops releasing updates and patches.

Some companies may also need to whitelist the new video maker URL. Many companies have firewalls in place and require web addresses to be whitelisted in order to access them.\

The current GoAnimate & Vyond URLs should remain on your whitelist so that you to use both the legacy video maker and the new video maker.

Q: Can I use my legacy asset library in the new platform?

A: All of your previously created custom characters and imported assets will be available in the new video maker.

Q: Is security improved in the platform?

A: Yes. The platform is inherently more secure because it is a native HTML5 application. Additionally, all access to the new video maker is over HTTPS. This means that all communications between your browser and the video maker are encrypted.

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